So far, the safeness of glass that is ought to avoid fall downs had to be proved in a very complex way (notch test). This experimental test is allowed to be omitted due to practical experience according to TRAV. With AKO you receive the required tests in a minimum time and they are able to set up verifiable calculations. Ultimate strength analysis and impact load analysis are proved by the program. Moreover, deformations caused by building characteristics will be considered to guarantee usability. In addition to AKO provides support so you can choose the correct type of glazing and it refers to you valid standards when choosing prohibited combinations of materials.

  • Maximum values ​​of bending and tension of the individual disks for any user-defined load combinations
  • Maximum values ​​of deflection and stress of the individual disks from the superposition of area and rail load
  • Comparison with the maximum deflections and stresses according to TRAV
  • Examination of the glass structure on admissibility
  • Examination of all the restrictions of TRAV
  • Considering the need or the possible enclusion of proof in certain cases (notch test)
  • Languages:
    German, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Indonesian, Latvian, Polish, Lithuanian, Albanian, Catalan, Estonian, Filipino, Slovenian, Turkis